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Saturday, January 31, 2009

MNG bareshoulder top

Brand: MNG
Size: Kindly refer to last pic above. :)
Colour: Maroon

Selling now at only RM15!

Army green bareshoulder top

Boatneck long sleeved shirt.
*Love the cute lil giraffe at the edge!
Brand: P&Co
Size: S

RM20 only.

Plain Graphic Tee

Brand: Samuel & Kevin
Size: M ( it fits S better as the cutting is kinda small)

Selling now at only RM15!

Peaches and cream

Love the stripes! Don't you?

Size: S

Selling now at only RM9!

Baby phat shirt

Brand: Baby Phat
Size: S
Who doesn't know this brand? Does the famous Kimora Lee Simmons ring a bell now? ;)

Price: RM12
*this is the best price already babes!! dont think twice, grab it coz its worth every cent!!

GAP Polka dot shirt

Brand: GAP
Size: XS ( it can fit S as it is stretchable!)

See all those GAP shirts thats cost hundreds and hundreds?
Yepp this is a steal alright babes!

Selling now at only RM10!

Cinderella dress

Material : Chiffon
Inner lining so its not see through, dont worry!
Condition: Very good ( worn once only)
Bought for RM120++

Now selling for RM45!*STEAL IT ALREADY!
hurry babes, this is gona be a really hot item!

One of a kind spaghetti top

Looking for a spaghetti top?
This is one piece i find hard to let go coz its superbly gorgeous and comfy!
It doesnt fit me anymore thats why.
Sequins and beads on the top makes it so unique kan?

Grab this top at only RM19!

Blue spirals

Condition: Very good
Brand: MNG
Size: Refer to last pic
Bought for RM89

Selling now at only RM30!

Checkered hot pants

Black checkered designs.
Size: M
LENGHT: 24cm
WIDTH: 41cm

Selling now at only RM19!


Brown and white hot shorts

Front view

Back view

LENGHT: 29cm

Brown and white stripes!
Aren't u spoiled for choice now? :)

Grab it at only RM10 now!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Black is the new pink

Condition: very good
The front belt is brought to the back to tie a ribbon so it fits ur body accordingly to ur size.
Size: S-M
*wooot! This top will make u look so hawt and in style babes!! Trust me babes.


Cat whiskers

Such a cute top kan? :) Absolutely adorableeee!
Size: M

Grab it now at only RM10!*STEAL!!*

Momoe hoodie jacket

Are you a fan of polka dots and hoodie jackets? Then this is the right one for you!!
Brand: Momoe
Size: M-L

Selling at RM25!


Another half cardi!! woooooooot!
Wearing a tube tob? Dont wana show too much skin but yet wana look absolutely stunning?
Yep, this is the right piece for you!

Selling now at only RM12!*double steal!*

Half cardigan

This is for the sweet and lovely babes.
Bought in Spore.
Fits size S-M.

Selling now at only 10!


Isn't this just lovely?
Kimono inspired babes...
Size: M-L (stretchable material)

Selling now at RM12!

Denim skirt

Love the designs on the back.
Size: 7 (M-L)

Bought for RM45 and now selling for only RM18!*Steaaaaal it!*

Hot shorts

Hot shorts!! *screammmmms*
Where else can u find this piece?
Size: M
Definately worth buying as it is only going for

Stripey zebra

Green and brown stripes with a cute bow in the middle!
Size: S-M (Stretchable material)

Selling now at only RM14!

Lovely Bareshoulder top

Condition: very good
Size: S
Brand: P&Co

Selling now at only RM12! *DOUBLE STEAL!!*

Beach babe

Ready to hit the beach babes?? This one is definately worth the price! Look at the details at the end of the dress? Definately gorgeous!
Size: S-M

Selling now at only RM15!*STEALLLL!!*

How can u resist such a cute top??

Pink halter top

Very sweet indeed.
Size S-M.
Selling now at RM10!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Green heart shaped earring

This piece is made of glass and has gold glitters in it!
Unique indeed.

Yours at only RM9!


Love is in the air~can u feel it?
Valentine's day is just around the corner!
Hurry hurry, this is such a steal alright, babes!
Selling at only RM8!

Pink butterfly

Selling at only RM6!